Crime in Wicomico County is violent. All our neighbors should have confidence that justice will be swiftly exacted upon the criminals that risk their safety and security. We need a strong, committed, experienced, professional State’s Attorney to finish the work that the fine police agencies in our county started.

Victims do not ask to be victimized.  Their lives, and oftentimes everything as they knew it, are disrupted and will never be the same.  Victims deserve to be treated with integrity and respect; victims deserve to understand the process and to be heard.  The citizens of Wicomico County should have confidence that offenders will be held accountable, and that they are safe in their communities. 

Under Jamie’s leadership: 

  • The Wicomico State’s Attorney’s Office will serve all citizens with integrity and respect.

  • The Wicomico State’s Attorney’s Office will communicate with victims and witnesses, will promptly respond to victims and witnesses, and will be held accountable for their decisions.

  • The Wicomico State’s Attorney’s Office will promptly respond to the needs of law enforcement at all times, day or night.  A prosecutor will be responsible for and assigned to work with each and every agency and division within each agency.  

  • The Wicomico State’s Attorney’s Office will work with partnering agencies to understand issues facing our community and identify how the State's Attorney's Office can work toward assisting our partners and resolving those issues for the greater good and a brighter future.